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What is in my Kit: Eyes Part 2

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Professional Make-up Kit Mascaras, Eyeliners and other products for eyes

So a couple of years ago I had started to do a “What’s in my Kit” series, but got distracted by something sparkly and never finished it. Needless to say my kit has grown substantially since then, so I guess I should probably start again. So I was thinking I would finish off where I left off and then do a current post about the ones that I had already done. Not sure if that makes any sense!

Anyway, here is goes. This is one of my make-up bags dedicated to EYES! There are three in total. I currently use a Zuca Bag and have done so for years. I love the way that it is so easy to roll around. Mine is extremely heavy though because I have so many products, so I have decanted alot of products to try and reduce the weight. More on that later….

Lancome Hypnose Mascara Waterproof Black
Lancome Hypnose Dolls Eyes Black
L’Oreal Power Volume Collagen Waterproof Black
Rimmel Day2Night Waterproof Black Mascara
Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Mascara Black
Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill Black
The Body Shop Define & Lengthen Mascara Black
YSL Volume Effect Waterproof Blue
Clarins Mascara Intense Plum
Becca The Ultimate Mascara Black
DUO Glue Clear
Duo Glue Black
Salon System Individual Eyelash Glue
Make-up Forever Disposable Mascara Wands

Gosh Eyebrow Palette
MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Fling
MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Lingering
MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Brunette
MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Spiked

MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
MAC Brown Gel Liner
MAC NC15 Concealer Pencil
Rimmel Sable Brown Pencil
Estee Lauder Softsmudge Black
Becca Cabrera Double Pencil
Clarins 3 Dot Liner Black
Estee Lauder Newport Blue
Rimmel Stormy Grey
Loreal Kohl Blue Denim
Make-up Forever Double Cream Liner
Urban Decay Lucky
Urban Decay Flipside
Urban Decay Electric
Chanel Denim
MAC Teddy
MAC Fascinating
MAC Smoulder
Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner Black
MAC Turquoise Liquid Liner

MAC Paint Pot
MAC Groundwork
MAC Shimmer
Make-up Forever Shimmer
Make-up Forever 12 Flash Colours

2 Nail Scissors
Standard Scissors
Sephora Eyelash Applicator
Pennys Eyelash Curler
Sephora Mini Eyelash Curler
Tini Eyelash Curler
Eyebrow Razer
Metal Palette
x2 Sharperners
Mini Magnifying Glass

Illamasqua Eyeliner Fluid
Colour Wheel

I know I have alot of mascaras right? I am kinda on the search for the holy grail of mascaras and have been trying nearly every single one on the market. I still feel like there could be a better one out there. Any suggestions do let me know.

So what do you have in your kit? Is it similar? I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,

Counter Spotlight: Make-up Forever, Arnotts

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Image courtesy of thesavvyshopper.ie

Frequently when I do Make-Overs I find women are wearing the wrong products for their skin or colouring. Asking them why, has turned up some very interesting answers. One of the biggest issues is that people are too intimidated to approach the cosmetics counters. Even more alarmingly is the fact that some people have gotten advise from the counters, but the wrong advise!

So I have decided to do a series called “Counter Spotlight” where I go into a counter in Dublin or wherever else I might be and give you a review of the service, the advice given and the general atmosphere. That way you will know what counters you can head to and trust.

So my first counter review is for Make-Up Forever in Arnotts on Henry Street.

Arnotts Logo

It was a relatively busy Saturday as was Valentine’s Day the next day. I was browsing having a look at foundation. I wasn’t approached straight away rather left to my own devices, which I like. I turned and asked a girl for some advice on the foundation. She was very friendly and approachable. I thought that her Make-up was lovely, she had a quite a dramatic look with love hearts on the side of her face which was nice touch seeing as it was Valentines.

Make-Up Forever's HD Foundation

Image courtesy of Sephora.com

I said that I was currently using the Make-Up Forever HD Foundation, which I loved when I applied it, but after a couple of hours I was left with a greasy film all over my skin. I was promptly invited to sit in a nice furry high chair and she proceeded to try on my colour in Make-Up Forever’s Matt Finish Foundation. She also asked if I would like to try some concealer for under the eyes and my spots. Of course I said yes, not liking being “naked”(of make-up) in public. While she was applying the Make-up I mentioned that I had a voucher. As it turns out, in the Arnotts store you cannot use the Make-Up Forever Voucher. She then asked me if she should continue.

Make-Up Forever's Matt Velvet Foundation

Image courtesy of Sephora.com

Now this I found a bit of a strange question…because why would I want her to stop applying the foundation half way through just because I couldn’t use my voucher in that store. That would mean walking around with half a face of foundation. I was only asking for advice on foundation, I didn’t say I was going to buy something there and then. So this means that she was only applying the foundation because she thought she was going to make a sale. In other words what she was asking me was: “Now that you can’t use your voucher, are you going to pay for this? Will I continue?” I let her continue and afterwards I said that I would like to see how the Make-up lasts.

She was very friendly and understanding, but I definitely felt like I was expected to buy it. I know that alot of people probably would have bought the foundation to save face.

The foundation itself was an exact match for both my needs and my skin tone. She also used the correct concealers for my problem areas. However the application was by no means perfect, it was really way to heavy and was not blended properly. Over some spots I had tons of product that was clearly visible and not blended.

So in summary:

Counter Atmosphere: 8/10
Consultant Friendliness: 9/10
Make-Up Application: 6/10
Product Suitability: 8/10
Pressure to buy: 90%

How to become a Makeup Artist

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Becoming a Make-up ArtistI have been contacted alot lately about becoming a make-up artist and the different courses that are out there. So I thought I would put together a few tips:


Everything in life starts with an idea. If you believe it is possible and put all your determination into it, things will happen for you. Everything takes time so try not to get disheartened. Starting off you will get little to no money and it will seem like a thankless job. However if you love the job you are doing all the pain will be worth it right?

Do your research, find make-up artists you like and that inspire you. Tear sheets out of magazines, look at websites, read blogs and watch youtube videos. Then practise practise practise. Try and get as many of your unsuspecting friends, girlfriends, moms or sisters to sit down and practise on them! It’s one thing being able to do make-up on yourself, its another to apply it on someone else. Try and get as many different looking people as you can, with different eyeshapes, lipshapes, skin tones etc. This will prepare you for any eventuality that you may come across when you start working as a professional make-up artist.


I trained in a private makeup school in Ireland, it was a part time course over 3 months, which to be honest is a very short space of time. It doesn’t allow you enough practise of different techniques and different skin types, people etc.  If I was to do it all over again I would attend the 4 year full time makeup course in IADT, it is much more comprehensive and prepares you for every aspect of the Make-Up Industry.

I would have loved to go abroad and study, but at the time I never really considered it as an option. There are a few courses that really stand out in my mind, they are the Make-up Forever Course in Paris, Blanche Macdonald course in Canada, London College of Fashion and Brushstrokes which are both in the UK.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how good or bad a course is that you choose, you will learn only as much as you are willing. No one can teach you to be a fantastic Make-Up Artist, it is a combination of learning the technique, practising your skills and a bit of raw talent, then even that isn’t enough…if you are going to work freelance you have to have a business acumen to boot.


Probably the fastest way to get experience and learn the trade is by getting a job on a make-up counter. They have great training programmes as well as some of the counters will give you the opportunity to do fashion shows and shoots if you are with them long enough. The only thing about this is that it is very sales focused, so if like me you are rubbish at selling people things, then this route is not for you. Another option is to test with photographers and models. Work for local theatre productions for free. Work on short films. They don’t pay and they can be very hard work, but the experience is invaluable. The best way to get in contact with people is on the many great websites out there. For fashion testing try Model Mayhem or Folio32, if you are keen to get into film and tv try the Film Makers Network,  also place your own adverts saying that you would like to practise and are willing to work for free. I am sure that you will get loads of people willing to take you up on your offer.

Another great way to get experience and learn to tread the boards is by assisting a Make-Up Artist. Make sure that you do your research before hand, remember they probably get requests for assistants all the time so you have to make your request stand out from the crowd. The best way to make sure that you are not even considered is by not even addressing the person by name. It amazes me how many requests I get from people saying “hi there” or “to whom it may concern”, you just know they have sent the same email to 100 other make-up artists. Make sure that you make it known that you have seen their work and have done a bit of homework first.


The most important thing that a Make-Up Artist will own is not the best foundation or the brightest eyeshadow. It is in fact your portfolio. It is the one thing that will get you jobs and shows people what you are capable of. In a beauty driven industry it is imperitive that your posrtfolio looks the part. Make sure that the prints are impeccable in large format and bound in a professional way. I like the books by House of Portfolios. If you can’t find anyone to test with, it may even be an idea to pay a photographer to take good shots of your work. Nothing screams amateur more than badly taken photos! Linked into your portfolio is your website and business cards. Again these should be really well designed, if you can’t do it well enough yourself, then pay someone to do it for you, after all you can’t be brilliant at everything! I once went to a talk given by Sarah Newman of “The Dragons Den”, in which she said you have to learn what you are good at and when to call in the professionals.


In the beginning you will find yourself working for free alot, but don’t worry, this is not in vain, you are not a charity case. Not only is it to build experience, but it is also to build invaluable contacts. There have been many occasions that I have worked for free and people have brought me back for paid assignments. As people’s careers build and grow so will yours. You will soon learn to weed the time wasters and users from the genuine professionals just trying to make a break.


I know I said this at the first point, but I think it is really important to stress again…you are going to have loads of times of self doubt, where you think: “What am I doing, maybe I’m not cut out for this” Just believe in yourself and know that your big break could be right around the corner. Also enjoy the journey, life is an adventure with ups and downs, if it was too easy it wouldn’t be worth doing.

That’s all for now 🙂 If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me: emma@emmafarrellmakeup.com or 0863274449