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If you follow me on any of my social media channels, by now you would have heard all about the L’Oreal International Make-up Artists Search for their next Creative Director. I entered with the help of my friend Aaron and the gorgeous model Yasmine The theme was colour clash, which inspired me to use usually opposite jarring colours in a pleasing to the eye way I created a gorgeous wearable red carpet look.

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Brit Awards



Hey everyone, so I’m sure that like 90% of you were watching the Brit awards the other night, so what did everyone think?

As always at these ceremony shows there is never a dull moment, from the hot looks on the red carpet, the scandalous pics of the celebs stumbling out of the after party *cough* Ed Sheeran :-), Kanye’s performance being muted, and last but by no means least poor Madonna. Capes are always a bad idea Madonna, I mean even the good superheroes know this ;-)

I think the major theme of the makeup seemed to be subtly sexy. Shown with classic red lippy from the likes of Taylor Swift and Paloma Faith. While Rita Ora’s makeup was more on the heavier side she still looked as gorgeous as ever, matching black and gold on the eyes which complemented her stunning gold number, and pairing the look with a soft nude lip. I have to say though my fave makeup look of the night was Ellie Goulding, such a stunning and romantic soft look, from the pink on her cheeks to the nude pink lip, everything was just B.E.A.Utiful.

Performances of the night for me were, Paloma Faith, I think her performance was stunning.Next would have to be Kanye’s performance, just for the sheer entertainment fact that, well we couldn’t hear half of it haha:-). Not forgetting Madonnas performance because…well she fell, and how could you over look something like that. Fair play to her though she got up and carried on like a true performer, so hats off ( even though I really fear for the job of whoever caused the fall :-/)


And of course to end everything of, a massive congrats to all who took home this years stunning Brit award.

“Congratulations on your talent, on your life- On everything you give to others, Thank you”




Nuxe DD Creme

PicMonkey Collage
Recently I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the new Nuxe skincare line at the fabulous Westbury Hotel. After a lovely spread and some champagne(WHOOPSmiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes) we were presented with Nuxe DD Creme
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The Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Couples Costumes for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching everyone wants to have the best and most original costume ideas. This can get even harder when you’re trying to make this a couples thing. Be it two friends or boy and girl it can be pretty tough to get that perfect balance of current and clever. I’ve put together a few different ideas for this year to help you get you thinking…

Garth and Wayne from Waynes World are simple to recreate and an instantly recognisable duo.

Batman and Robin are a timeless pair who have gone through years of reinvention. The most recognisable still being the 60’s TV show.  The girls can also go the ‘sexy’ route with this….Not that I’m a fan of the ‘sexy’ route and I prefer a little more gore to gamey.

With the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles making a comback this year April O’Neill and a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle combo could be just the ticket.

1950’s grey scale is one of my favourite ideas as is visually really cool and pretty simple from a makeup point of view as all you really use are combinations of black and white facepaint and shadows.

Their relationship has been a topic for discussion for many years but there are no ‘happy couple’ quite like our Sesame Street pals Bert and Ernie :)

Anyone a fan of Juno?Nothing says pop culture reference like dressing up as Juno and Paulie Bleaker.

Ben Stiller and Russian Fran Stalinovskovichdavidovitchsky from Dodgeball are my personal Favourite :) , bringing a little humour and fun to Halloween.

Mork and Mindy may be a popular one this year in tribute to the recently passed Robin Williams.

For the boys…why not go for Nidge and Fran, two of our favourite Love Hate troublemakers?!

Finally, the all time classic of Sandy and Danny from Grease will always be a winner for me :) I’m not sure if it’s a generational thing but I don’t think I’ve seen as many of them around this last few years.

I hope these help and if there are any ideas that you have we would love to hear them!

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Contouring…choosing a colour for you.


Kevin Aucoin

Choosing a contouring product is a bit of a minefield, so this post is focusing just on the colour choice for contouring.

Above is the gorgeous work of the sadly missed makeup artist Kevin Aucoin.

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