What is the BEST red lipstick and how do you chose the right one for you?!

the best red lipsticksRed Lipstick is a force of it’s own and for many an accessory that they refuse to go without, adding instant glamour to any outfit and making a very obvious statement. From Chanel to Rimmel there are dozens of red lippy’s to chose from. For me a blueish red tone will always dictate my choice in a red as we all know it is the most flattering against our pearly whites!

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Robin Williams – Nanu Nanu


Yesterday morning my alarm clock radio(totally old school!) went of and the news says that the actor Robin Williams, had died. He had a history of battling addiction and mental health. I immediately felt a great wave of sadness. Here was a man in his sixties, a husband and father, successful and leading a good life who had been overcome and taken by the grips of depression. Of course, I did not know him personally but it resonated with me personally.  Someone once said, if you have a broken arm, you go to the doctor, get it seen to, no question, no hiding, no problem. If you’re feeling low, do you do the same?

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Orlaith’s Weekly Winners

Orlaith's weekly Winners

Hello All,

We haven’t done a favourites here at EFCS in a while and there are a few products new and old that I’ve been using this week that I thought I’d mention! So I’ll make this short and sweet, here we go….

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How to improve your mood after a Bank Holiday

How to improve your mood

So it’s Tuesday not just any Tuesday….the Tuesday following a Bank Holiday weekend…. eeeeeekkkkk :/

We are meant to be saving and dieting for that forthcoming holiday but unfortunately the sun came out and we may have over indulged a little at the weekend. However it wasn’t just any weekend….it was a Bank Holiday weekend. One full of prosecco, Bulmers (for some) , beer gardens, late night food and receipts for a round of cocktails that you definitely couldn’t afford. Sound all too familiar? In an attempt to be prepared for the inevitable rethink of priorities while aimlessly scrolling down your FB newsfeed or on the bus  this Tuesday I’ve tried to put together a little list of some scientifically proven methods to cushion the blow… you’re welcome.

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Our Essentials for Glamping this Wedding Season

Glamping tent image

With wedding season in full swing and my fair share to attend I have started to put some very quick checklists together to ensure that nothing gets left behind on my way out the door. These days weddings are no longer made to fit a mold nor as traditional as they used to be. People’s personalities are allowed to break through and create a day that is individual to them, this means that for many the comfort of a hotel is no longer always part of the picture. From glamping to self catering houses on a country estate here’s a checklist for those things you might not necessarily think of when grabbing your deodorant as you make sure the straighteners is turned off and switch on the alarm!

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